Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fried Artz Eggs

I was looking online for a tartan for my 6th Great Grandmother Mary Sitlington, an uncommon name with an uncommon history. Clan legend tells the sad and violent tale of the Chiefs of clan Lamont. It all happens in 1646 when the clan sides with King Charles I against Cromwell. 
                       Anthony van Dyck Charles I (1600-49) with M. de St Antoine
When they made this tragic decision they abandoned Clan Campbell on the battlefield. King Charles was defeated and the Campbell’s retaliated by attacking castles in possession of the clan Lamont. The Campbell’s signed a peace treaty with the chiefs allowing them to peacefully leave their castle, but when they opened the gates the Campbell’s attacked and killed over 200 men women and children. Lady Mary Lamont who was with her 4 sons in residence at their castle on the Cumbrae Island

 escaped with her sons to Ireland. To protect their identities a decision was made to change their names. The oldest son took the name Sitilington which was the name of a small stream on their Scottish estate. The youngest son took on his mother’s maiden name of Young and the middle two became White and Green.
As I was looking for a hint for a tartan I came across a painting of fried eggs in a painting of breakfast. This peaked my curiosity and I wondered if I could find 5 paintings or sculptures of fried eggs for this week.

Wikipedia says that fried eggs are made from hen’s eggs. I was unaware cocks laid eggs. That mystery solved I discovered fried eggs are a key ingredient in dishes in many countries.

In Japan they are called “medama yaki 目玉 焼き”" which translates to eyeball baked.

In Germany fried eggs are called Spiegeleier. 

In India a fried egg is called a poached egg and can be purchased from street vendors. In Russia it is яичницаor yaichnitsa. 

It is served sunny side up. In Brazil a popular dish is served called bife a cavalo. It is a fried egg served over a steak the translation is horse steak and in Spanish it is bife a caballo.

Fried eggs can be served over easy, sunny side up, over hard, over well and over medium.
This week enjoy Fried Artz Eggs.

The tartan I shrouded Great Grandmother Sitilington is the Lamont tartan. 

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