Monday, July 24, 2017

Tennis Smashed

I am not a tennis person. My parents did not play. I knew nobody in their circle who played. It was off my radar until my sophomore year of high school. It was part of the Athletic program and I had friends who played. Still it did not interest me. Since then I have had associates, acquaintances, and clients who have played.

One in particular Val. I dropped by her place the other day and she opened the door while glued to the Television. Strange for her as I rarely find her with it on. She was engrossed in Wimbledon. She loves it.

So, when I came across the heckler video from Wimbledon I was inspired.

It is believed that the game of tennis originated in France in the 12th century and was first played without rackets being called jeu de paume. It was very popular with the nobility of France and in the 16th became widespread throughout Europe.

The Tennis Party  -  - Sir John Lavery

This week enjoy Tennis Smashed

Monday, July 17, 2017

Man Holds Man

I was browsing through some art sites for inspiration for this week’s show when I came across an odd sight. A portrait of a man holding a statuette with his family. It seemed strange to me right now in the moment but I am sure it held great meaning for the man as well as his family. 

We have photographs we tote through life with us that will mean nothing to our great grandchildren’s great grandchildren. So I am curious about this sculpture. Who is the family, the sculpture, the subject of the sculpture?

It is a portrait of Arrigo Licinio and His Family painted by Bernardino Licinio.  Arrigo is Barnardino's brother and also a painter. The man holding the statue may be Giulio Licinio Arrigo's son. 

Bernardo also created a self-portrait in a workshop surrounded by his pupils holding sculptures. It is believed one of the young sculptors is Giulio Licinio his nephew. 

Mystery solved... maybe.

This week enjoy Man Holds Man

Monday, July 10, 2017

Oystermen and Women

My 3rd Great Grandfather John lists his occupation as an 
Oysterman in 1860. 

An Oysterman can be a person who sells, gathers and/or cultivates oysters. It can also be a type of boat specifically equipped to harvest oysters. His occupation in prior years says sailor. 

Oysters have been around since the dinosaurs and fortunately for Oystermen (and me) they did not go extinct like those huge beasts. 

One of my favorite photos is of my father shucking oysters with me. 

For your enjoyment here is a link to poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes titled Ballad of the Oysterman

Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894) by E. T. Billings

Or as Hector Hugh Munro said 
"Oysters are more beautiful than any religion...There's nothing in Christianity or Buddhism that quite matches the sympathetic unselfishness of an oyster."

Hector Hugh Munro

This week enjoy Oystermen and Women