Monday, March 27, 2017

Torn Between Two Lovers

In 1976 Mary MacGregor released a song written by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary, a folk music group formed in 1961. 
The song Mary sang was "Torn Between Two Lovers".
This painting was posted in a Group I am a member of with the comment - " Describe what you think is happening here." 

                               Charles Haigh Wood - The patient competitors 

The comments varied from literal to comical to sassy and romantic. To be honest I was more concerned with what the cat was thinking. But more importantly this painting brought back memories of when I was torn between two lovers.  One ended very badly, he was vicious. The other is the one I keep. The one that dances in and out of my memory like a coy lover. A gentle touch on the edge of my mind and then he is gone. His whimsical smile, his head cocked to the side inviting me on an escapade...  Him I will lament and cherish always. He scared me...and I am fearless. 

This week enjoy Torn Between Two Lovers.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hat Box

I was dressed, primped, perfumed and ready to go except something was missing. I tried a necklace, changing my hair, a different sweater and still I was incomplete. As I stood in my closet I saw my favorite old hat box. It is green, and plaid and says Kevin McAndrew Hat Maker

Kevin McAndrew hats were out of England and they sold high quality men's hats. I don't keep a hat inside the box I keep a delicious swirl of vintage scarves most of them worn by my mother in the 60s. I grabbed one, twirled it around my head and I was ready. 


Hat boxes were often called Band Boxes. They are cylindrical and made of thin wood or cardboard. Band boxes originally did not hold hats. All those stiff ruffs or bands worn around peoples necks in the 17th century needed to be stored in something that would help it hold its shape. Band Box

                                                        Lady Littlebury by unknown artist
This week enjoy  Hat Box

Monday, March 13, 2017

Fruity Jack

Jackfruit are back in my local market. They are not a new thing but last year was my first encounter with these odd giant fruits. There was a taste demonstration and I bravely stepped out of the crowd to sample. When she asked me what I thought  the first thing that came to mind was cotton candy. A faded mango/honeydew cotton candy. Weird! I did not hate it, I did not love it and it was a complicated prize to get so I would not buy it. 

For those of you who do not know it is a large (bigger than an American football) green bumpy watermelon looking thing.  
It is filled with Alien looking pale yellow pods
that contain a pit surrounded by the edible fruit. 

Jackfruit is in the fig family and is native to Southeast Asia. They grow on trees
and are the National fruit of Bangladesh. It is called chakka in Malaysian which the Portuguese wrote as jaca.

If you are in a market that is offering a taste try some. 

This week enjoy some Fruity Jack.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Pies of Meat

There I was blissfully watching the Great British Baking Show
when they decide to make meat pies. WHAT??!! I watch because there is no meat on the show. My bliss is now stress. I want frostings and creams and fruit filled pastries. 

They are to create a Victorian meat pie
complete with intricate designs fit for the most discerning upper class. 

These pies can contain rabbit, pigeon, venison, chicken, pheasant, swan, pork, or any meat in any combination. They were baked in special decorative tins.
The pastry was not always eaten. In some cases it was just a way to encase the meat. Smaller pies were sold by street vendors or in shops so they could be eaten while traveling or moving about . No need to sit at the table. 

Remember Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies.
Made from the victims of Sweeney Todd

My inspiration this week ... Pies of Meat.