Monday, July 17, 2017

Man Holds Man

I was browsing through some art sites for inspiration for this week’s show when I came across an odd sight. A portrait of a man holding a statuette with his family. It seemed strange to me right now in the moment but I am sure it held great meaning for the man as well as his family. 

We have photographs we tote through life with us that will mean nothing to our great grandchildren’s great grandchildren. So I am curious about this sculpture. Who is the family, the sculpture, the subject of the sculpture?

It is a portrait of Arrigo Licinio and His Family painted by Bernardino Licinio.  Arrigo is Barnardino's brother and also a painter. The man holding the statue may be Giulio Licinio Arrigo's son. 

Bernardo also created a self-portrait in a workshop surrounded by his pupils holding sculptures. It is believed one of the young sculptors is Giulio Licinio his nephew. 

Mystery solved... maybe.

This week enjoy Man Holds Man

Monday, July 10, 2017

Oystermen and Women

My 3rd Great Grandfather John lists his occupation as an 
Oysterman in 1860. 

An Oysterman can be a person who sells, gathers and/or cultivates oysters. It can also be a type of boat specifically equipped to harvest oysters. His occupation in prior years says sailor. 

Oysters have been around since the dinosaurs and fortunately for Oystermen (and me) they did not go extinct like those huge beasts. 

One of my favorite photos is of my father shucking oysters with me. 

For your enjoyment here is a link to poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes titled Ballad of the Oysterman

Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894) by E. T. Billings

Or as Hector Hugh Munro said 
"Oysters are more beautiful than any religion...There's nothing in Christianity or Buddhism that quite matches the sympathetic unselfishness of an oyster."

Hector Hugh Munro

This week enjoy Oystermen and Women

Monday, June 26, 2017

She is Quinceanera

This past weekend I worked a Quinceanera

It was exciting and the Quinceanera beautiful. 

Her Damas were lively and very pretty. 

I also worked her older sister's several years ago. There is one more daughter. I hope to see this one to her special day also. 

My daughter was a Dama in her friends Quinceanera. Which when I learned all about this loving, meaningful, beautiful tradition. 

This week enjoy She is Quinceanera

Monday, June 19, 2017

Maids in Repose

I arrived at Mother’s for our Monday night dinner. She started talking to me about how her regular maid was on vacation and she had a new maid for the day.

Mother lives in a retirement community and she has a maid. She has had a maid pretty much always except for when I was a teenager and she thought the training in household chores would be a good idea so her maid became me. I did not like nor approve of this training plan.

As mother was going through her mail and reading her paper and the Bible Study for her weekly study class she became very sleepy and so curled up on the couch and fell sound asleep. She awoke about an hour later as her new maid was just finishing the last touches on the kitchen. She started to apologize for waking her. Mother was taken aback at why she would apologize she had not heard her at all.  Mother was actually embarrassed she had been asleep.  What an awkward moment.

                                   The Sleeping Princess  - Sir Edward Burne-Jones

It inspired me to search for paintings of sleeping maids to counterbalance Mother’s embarrassment.

This week enjoy Maids in Repose

Monday, June 12, 2017

William Woodward

I was doing some Ghost Hunting Saturday afternoon when I came across Lodia Elmer Dutton my 2nd Great Uncle, brother to my Great Great Grandmother.

While Lodia is an odd name for a man, which is not what this is about. However the word Lodia loosely translates over to Ship in Russian and that is where we are headed.  

On the 21st of February 1922 Lodia arrived at the Port of New Orleans on a ship called Atenas 

an American Steam Merchant ship built in Belfast in 1909. She was owned by the United Fruit SS Company in New York part of “The Great White Fleet”. Her normal route was New Orleans to Cristobal, Panama Canal.
In 1921 William Woodward was commissioned to paint a mural of one of the ships at the company headquarters in New Orleans. Woodward and his wife Louisa had been aboard the Atenas for a wonderful trip to Havana Cuba and he incorporated her into the mural for the building and into a painting as well.
                      Old Havana Harbor Scene by William Woodward 

This week enjoy the works of WilliamWoodward. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Lost Love

Several years ago on a warm May afternoon I was to be married. I was so very happy I had found love. Only he hadn't and he did not tell me this until two weeks before.
                                       Frederick William Elwell - The wedding dress

At this same time my daddy became very ill. He had been ill for many weeks but it had become worse. He knew he was dying as did I. We had talked about it and made plans about it. He even wrote his obituary which my nephew was to insert into an email and send out to daddy's hundreds of contacts the day after he passed. He had an odd sense of humor few understood. He also realized that I had died at my breakup. I had wanted him to know I was taken care of so he could leave us without fear for me. That was not to happen and it killed me. 
                                            My daddy and me.

Dad being daddy asked me who was going on the honeymoon with me now. We laughed and he insisted I go. Alone. What dad?... So I could call it a Howl at the Moon instead? He thought that was brilliant and yes I should go and relax, heal, have fun, be brave. So I did. 

He passed 5 minutes after I told him good-bye over the phone and that I would see him again. It was a quiet flight home for me. 

In the space of three weeks I lost love
This week please enjoy Lost Love

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pesky Avocado

Driving down the road I heard the strangest news story about how Avocados are dangerous and people should be aware and be safe.
                                          Still Life with Avocados - Francisco Oller

I have been eating these creamy delicious things since about … Well since I came to Texas a long time ago (yes.. Texas was a state by then) and my Mother never injured herself, none of our guests who were fascinated and wanted to help make Guacamole were injured. I have not been attacked by one either.

As I listened what was happening was people were stabbing themselves, cutting themselves, and slicing tendons, muscles and chipping bones with knives while attempting to remove the pits.

 It has been suggested that warning labels should be applied to the skin of each and every avocado sold throughout the world. There are videos on how to remove the pit.

There are reports from a London Hospital that claim they have at least 4 patients a week come into emergency for what the staff now call “Avocado Hand”.

I have one word. Spoon.

This week I invite you to enjoy Pesky Avocado.