Monday, March 27, 2017

Torn Between Two Lovers

In 1976 Mary MacGregor released a song written by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary, a folk music group formed in 1961. 
The song Mary sang was "Torn Between Two Lovers".
This painting was posted in a Group I am a member of with the comment - " Describe what you think is happening here." 

                               Charles Haigh Wood - The patient competitors 

The comments varied from literal to comical to sassy and romantic. To be honest I was more concerned with what the cat was thinking. But more importantly this painting brought back memories of when I was torn between two lovers.  One ended very badly, he was vicious. The other is the one I keep. The one that dances in and out of my memory like a coy lover. A gentle touch on the edge of my mind and then he is gone. His whimsical smile, his head cocked to the side inviting me on an escapade...  Him I will lament and cherish always. He scared me...and I am fearless. 

This week enjoy Torn Between Two Lovers.

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