Monday, March 20, 2017

Hat Box

I was dressed, primped, perfumed and ready to go except something was missing. I tried a necklace, changing my hair, a different sweater and still I was incomplete. As I stood in my closet I saw my favorite old hat box. It is green, and plaid and says Kevin McAndrew Hat Maker

Kevin McAndrew hats were out of England and they sold high quality men's hats. I don't keep a hat inside the box I keep a delicious swirl of vintage scarves most of them worn by my mother in the 60s. I grabbed one, twirled it around my head and I was ready. 


Hat boxes were often called Band Boxes. They are cylindrical and made of thin wood or cardboard. Band boxes originally did not hold hats. All those stiff ruffs or bands worn around peoples necks in the 17th century needed to be stored in something that would help it hold its shape. Band Box

                                                        Lady Littlebury by unknown artist
This week enjoy  Hat Box

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