Monday, December 16, 2013

The Ghostly Artz of Christmas Present

The Ghost of Christmas Present is the third ghost to visit Scrooge. This ghost’s visit is foretold by the ghost of Jacob Marley. 
                      Marley's ghost by John Leech
Jacob Marley and Ebenezer Scrooge had been friends since their teenage years when they were both apprentices in the same business firm. Later they opened a financial business together which Marley called “our money-changing hole”.
It is Christmas Eve and exactly seven years have gone by since Marley has passed away. 
                     Jacob Marley by Tim Bruckner
Charles Dickens describes the ghost as being “a jolly giant”. He has dark brown curly hair, wears a green robe lined in fur, and on his head sets a wreath made of holly with glistening icicles hanging from its branches. 
          Edward Woodward Ghost Christmas Present

He carries a large torch and is first seen sitting in the midst of a huge feast. Around his waste is strapped a scabbard with no sword. This is to symbolize Peace on Earth and goodwill to men. He claims he can change his size and fit into room large or small.
   Kenneth Moore as the Ghost of Christmas Present 1970

The visitation of the Ghost of Christmas Present happens on December 24, 1843. The ghost proudly tells Scrooge that he has 1,842 brothers. 

This week The Ghostly Artz of Christmas Present

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