Monday, March 17, 2014

Marmalade Cat Artz

On November 30th 1962 Sir John Colville, also known as Jock, gave Sir Winston Churchill a cat. It was the Prime Minister’s Birthday and he was very fond of cats.  He named the cat Jock and the Marmalade, white socked and white bibbed cat settled in to live at Chartwell.

The Churchills bought Chartwell in 1922. In 1965 after he had died his wife released the house to the National Trust. In 1966 it was opened to the public for tours.

Legend tells us that PM Churchill would not sit down for dinner until Jock showed up.  The two were very close.  It was Churchill’s wish that the cat be allowed to stay in the house after his death. 

Years later his family insisted that there always be a Marmalade cat with 4 white socks and a white bib living at Chartwell.
Last week Jock VI moved into Chartwell. Jock V and the previous care taker have retired to the Scottish countryside.

Marmalade cats are also known as Ginger Cats and can range in color from pale orange to a deep red. They are often tabby patterned or striped.  Marmalade cats also tend to be male.

This week in honor of Jock VI we present ….

Marmalade Cat Artz

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  1. What a wonderful historical account to celebrate Marmalade cats.