Monday, May 12, 2014

Castle Pendragon Artz


Castle Pendragon. It conjures up visions of Uther Pendragon father of King Arthur, Morgana his step sister, Merlin, knights and all things chivalrous.

This week I became inspired when I learned that Castle Pendragon was once held by my 23 Great Grand Uncle Andrew de Harcla, Earl of Carlisle for King Edward II.

The castle came to Sir Andrew after its owner Robert de Clifford was killed in battle and his heir Roger de Clifford was accused of treason and executed. A year later Sir Andrew would also be executed for treason. 18 years later the castle would be burned and nearly destroyed by invading Scots. 19 years later it was rebuilt and again 221 years later burned. It was rebuilt in 1660 by Lady Anne Clifford but after her death in 1676 it once again fell to ruin.
                               Lady Anne Clifford
Legend says that Castle Pendragon was built by Uther Pendragon father of King Arthur. It is also whispered that Uther and his knights were all murdered at the castle by poison dispensed into the well by Saxons. Tales are told late at night that the ghost of Uther Pendragon can be seen upon a pale horse galloping out of the castle grounds away across the vale.

This week we present Castle Pendragon Artz.


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