Monday, September 21, 2015

Unbuttoned Belly

I had watched a documentary on Bad Women of the Bible. My attention was drawn to Eve. Not what she did not or did do; but more about how she looked, how Adam looked. Specifically belly buttons. This topic seems to be as controversial as the apple, serpent, tree, and GOD. 

I do not wish to start a debate but the ideas and opinions out there are varied and entertaining. 

If GOD made them as a prototype and all others HE made followed that look then the first two would have had belly buttons. 

                                Masaccio Masolino & Lippi fresco the Brancacci Chapel, Florence

Aesthetically it is pleasing so yes they had belly buttons 

                                                      Adam and Eve - Peter Paul Rubens 

Artists created foliage over and around their bodies to avoid the theological question.
                                              Mosaic of Adam and Eve Byzantine, 400-500 AD

Artists painted people as they knew people and people have belly buttons. 

Rembrandt - Adam and Eve [1638] 

Religious mythology does not have to be scientifically accurate.
                                                     Lucas-Cranach-the-elder, Adam and Eve

Eve and Adam were created by GOD not by being nurtured and attached to a mother host so there was no need for an umbilical cord so, no belly button. 

    The Temptation of Adam and Eve, mid 17th century, 57 x 59 cm, metal thread and silk thread on linen

I simply am interested in if there were any paintings, or sculptures of Eve and Adam without belly buttons. The majority of what I found are beautiful, sumptuous and show belly buttons. 

This week enjoy Unbuttoned Belly.

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