Monday, November 2, 2015

Cornucopia Art in Abundance

November is here and I think about Cornucopias overflowing with bounty. Bounties of food, drink, love, thanksgiving and so much more. 


Latin - cornu copiae - meaning horn of plenty. 

Cornucopias or the Horn of Plenty has been used in Western Art for centuries as a symbol of abundance and nourishment.  It is usually depicted as a great horn overflowing with  a profusion of subject matter. 

                      Very old Florida advertising poster

Zeus, while an infant in hiding from his father Kronos was given unending nourishment 

from the broken horn of Amalthea his nursemaid who had taken the form of a goat. 

The goddesses Fortuna, 
           Dupondius Hadrian 117-138 A.D. -  Fortune with cornucopia 

Abundantia and Annona are often seen holding a Cornucopia. As is Plutos the son of Demeter goddess of the grain. 

The Great Seal of North Carolina

 has a Cornucopia as does the Coat of Arms of Columbia 

and Peru. 

It is recently most often associated with Thanksgiving and a bounty of Earths harvest. You will find them as centerpieces, decorations and enthusiastic artwork from 1st graders. 

This week I present a Cornucopia of Cornucopia Art in Abundance. 

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