Monday, December 7, 2015

Journey To Bethlehem

Caesar has ordered a census. Everyone twelve years or older must go to their city of origin to register and pay taxes.
                                                 A painting of Bethlehem by Vasily Polenov, 1882

Joseph is descended from the line of David and so he must go to Bethlehem. His very,  pregnant fiance Mary is also from the line of David so she must also go to Bethlehem.  They live in Narzareth, Bethlehem is over 65 miles away. It will take five days to walk the distance. 
The terrain is a varied landscape, hills, forests, valleys where  lions, bear and boar roam freely . Bandits and robbers would have been lying in wait, ready to grab at any of the passing people traveling by. 

This week enjoy Journey To Bethlehem.

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