Monday, July 22, 2013

A Day of Artz in July

This week we will take a look at July.

The Roman Senate named the month Julius in honor of the Roman General Julius Caesar. It is the month of his birth. 
                                      Sculpture of Julius Caesar by 17th century French sculptor Nicolas Coustou.

The month had been known as Quintilis, the Latin word for fifth as it was the fifth month.  When the Julian calendar was instituted Quintilis moved to being the seventh month. It wasn’t until after the death of Julius Caesar that the name was changed.  

Jupiter was the guardian of this month.
                                                   Statue of Jupiter
Late 1st century A. D.
Ancient Rome
Marble, bronzed plaster
July is the warmest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the coldest in the Southern.

The birthstone of July is a ruby.  Rubies can be red to brownish to purple to pink.  The red color is caused by the element chromium.  The name Ruby comes from the Latin ruber meaning red. It is considered a precious stone.
Rubies have tiny streaks in them known as silk and they can have a “cat’s eye” effect although it is rare or even a star. 
The Liberty Bell ruby is the largest ruby ever mined. It was found in Africa in 1950. On November 1 2011 the Liberty Bell ruby was stolen during a jewel heist.

Larkspur is the flower of July and is toxic to humans.

Join us as we celebrate July Artz!

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