Monday, January 20, 2014

Arttz of Winter Moons

Winter moons, they just seem brighter and more luminescent. It is not just because the nights are longer; but also the tilt of the earth's plane of rotation in relation to its axis. Which just does not sound romantic, lets move on....

The full moon in January is called the Wolf Moon. This name came about because the wolf breeding season begins in January and it is accompanied by much howling by the alpha male and pack members to signal territories and locations.

The naming of full moons dates back to the native people of America living in the north and eastern parts of North America. This was how they kept track of the months and seasons. The people moving here from Europe adopted this custom and gave full moon cycles names also.

The full moon which occurred on January 15 2014 was a Mini Moon. It was called this because it will be the smallest full moon of 2014. Because the moon is at it farthest point from the earth it appears smaller. The largest will appear in August. This moon is called the Sturgeon Moon by the native people around the great lakes and Green Corn moon by those that lived farther inland.
                              Winter Moon by Kit Lang a textile painting

This week we present the Artz of Winter Moon.

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