Monday, January 13, 2014

Artz of Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is not something us who were born here in Texas or have lived mainly in the South are familiar with.  It sounds simple – make a hole in the ice over a pond, lake or river, drop a line down and wait for a hungry fish.

Ice Fishing is a serious sport these days but in the past it was a social experience.  Some people sit on a bucket beside a hole in the ice and commence to fishing. Other people build small shacks, ice house, fish house or “ice shanty” on the ice over their hole and enjoy many of the comforts of home such as heat, refrigerator, comfortable chairs some even watch TV,

Line and bait or lures can be used to fish under the ice or some folks even spear fish.  Most anglers agree that 4 inches of ice is the safest for walking, 6 inches for sleds and snow machines, 12 for light cars, and 16 inches of ice for a full sized truck. (Is that a Texas sized truck or a regular truck?)

Rescue missions occur each year as men get trapped on a break-away piece of ice and are separated from the land. Also, many a vehicle and ice shanty has disappeared into the water.

The Indians of North America were excellent and patient ice fishermen.  Often they would sit for days waiting for fish.

This week we present the Artz of Ice Fisihing

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