Monday, March 21, 2016

Because of Peter Rabbit

Easter is hopping ever closer and this week I thought about Easter Art maybe  eggs, baskets, the crucifixion, crosses, lilies. I went looking for Easter Bunnies and then in the midst of my bunny hunt I came across a Beatrix Potter illustration of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

                                                      Beatrix Potter - Peter Rabbit

Rabbits are Leporidae which are in the family group known as Lepus. Lepus means “hare” and Leporidae means “those that resemble hares”.


Rabbits have four toes on each hind foot and five toes on each fore foot. The soles of their feet are covered in hair to provide traction on grass when they are running. 

They can be found in deserts, mountains, tundra, swamps and forests. They are herbivore except for a select group of Lepus.

El Conejo - Spanish
Kinnen - Scottish
Cuniculus - Latin
Tabu  - Comanche      words for Rabbit

Because of Peter Rabbit enjoy Rabbits. 

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