Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Moths Without Flames


I had a photo assignment, an Easter Egg hunt sponsored by a local Lions Club. Off I went looking for adorable children and whatever wonder GOD would place in my path.  I did not have to wait long or look hard for either.

I stepped out onto the egg patch and after staking out my turf I looked down 

to be sure I had enough eggs to get some good angles and there it was. 

A bedraggled, battle worn moth. It was pale green, a large body covered in what looked fine white downy feathers. 


Antennae that resembled ferns fronds it’s wings in tatters and its body unsteady on its legs.

                                                       Enlargement of the eyes on her wings

I had no idea what I had found but I knew that the rambunctious running of children and the hunting instincts of their parents would crush the delicate creature. I gently moved it to the fence line.

I would discover today as I write this that what I had found was actually a Luna Moth. 

Perhaps she had flown too close to a flame….

This week enjoy Moths Without Flames.

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