Monday, April 18, 2016

Caballo Azul

I like to find art for each show based on some event in my life from the previous week. The only event that seemed dramatic enough for art was a cockroach.  I thought “why not?” and as I typed in the word I got the heebie-jeebies. I hit enter and not one painting of the pest appeared. I was relieved. But what did show up was a painting of a blue horse and it caught my eye.

                                      Franz Marc - Blue Horse

I went looking for more artists and their Blue Horses. Then I went looking for more Blue Horses. Here is what I found.

* Blue Horse was an Oglala Lakota warrior, a Statesman, and an Educator. In March of 1897 Blue Horse accompanied Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show to London.  He traveled with the show from 1886 to 1904.
                   Blue Horse - Elbridge Ayer Burbank

* Blue Dun is a horse color. Notice the stripe. 

* Blue Roan is horse color. No stripe.

Then there is Blue Horse Kona Coffee

However you take your Blue Horse for this week enjoy Caballo Azul 

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