Monday, April 25, 2016

Party Without Cake


I had a craving for vanilla cake but because I was feeling lazy and it was a Saturday. I made brownies. 


They were very tasty but did not satisfy. I bought a French vanilla cupcake 

at the grocery store later that week. It was tasty but not quite real enough. I had visitors from California arrive early Saturday morning so I grabbed the opportunity to make a Vanilla Bourbon cake with Buttercream frosting and have been blissful for days.

Eating cake after dinner as “normal” people should had been happening here, but today, I am having breakfast cake with sausage and eggs!!

2 carafes of coffee and an orange juice later….

Ahhh…. This is the life.

As Julia Childs says “a party without cake is just a meeting”.

What better way to start a Monday?

This week enjoy Party Without Cake. 

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