Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Art of Cigar

I was Ghost hunting over the weekend and in the course of that I came across a great Uncle, James C. Warren, who worked as a cigar maker in 1900. 

I was curious as he lived in Wood County, West Virginia and I was not aware of West Virginia being a huge cigar making state. Well, they are or maybe were. Cigar and tobacco dealers and makers were plentiful.

I was inspired. 

My dad smoked cigars for years. Usually after dinner, on road trips and later while driving a 90 minute commute from work. When he would light one up after a formal dinner party he would always quote Rudyard Kipling from the Poem "The Betrothed". 
My mother, though she denies it smoked Swisher Sweets during her turn to drive on road trips.  

This week enjoy the Art of Cigar at Renaissance Tapestry

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