Monday, May 23, 2016

Santa Margarida

Inside Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya in Barcelona is a painting by Juan Rexach of Santa Margarida that he painted in 1456. It captivated me with the serene beauty of Margarida against the pink flesh and vivid red blood of the Dragon. Her flawless skin, golden hair nor her elegant garments are tainted with the blood she spilled. 

                                               SantaMargarida - Juan Rexach

Margarida was the daughter of a pagan priest whose mother died when she was born. Her father gave her into the care of a Christian woman in Antioch to nurse and raise. Margarida grew up Christian consecrating herself to GOD. Her beauty caught the eye of a Roman Governor who told her he would marry her if she gave up Christianity. She refused and he ordered her tortured. One of the torments that she endured was to be eaten by Satan who came to her in the form of a dragon.

She escaped from the dragon, alive by slicing open his belly with a cross. They also burned her and attempted to drown her but she remained safe through each torment. In the end she was beheaded.

Joan of Arc claimed that one of the voices she heard was that of Santa Margarida.

This week enjoy Santa Margarida

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