Monday, August 22, 2016

Degas New Orleans

My daughter called me a few weeks ago and tells me we are going to New Orleans. OK!  A friend and I put together a great itinerary on a very helpful web-sight of places we wanted to go, places to eat and things to do. We carefully, or so we thought, planned our three days. 

On the list was to see the Degas house and eat at the little cafe up the street called Cafe Degas. In our excitement we over looked one thing. Neither the house nor the cafe were open on Monday. We tried to rearrange plans but somethings could not be changed so we had our Lyft driver take us by the house. 

In the fall of 1872 Edgar Degas traveled from Paris to New Orleans. He wanted to visit with his mother's Creole family, the Mussons. When he arrived the city was still recovering from the ravages of  the Civil War. He was presented with stark destruction and uncommon beauty from every angle. 

The home of his family was very large and in the 1920s it was divided into two separate homes.

A restoration was completed on the main house and it is open for tours.

Degas in New Orleans

He stayed just 5 months 

Degas in New Orleans
and is known to have created 18 paintings and at least 4 drawings  of his family and their life in New Orleans

This week enjoy Degas New Orleans

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