Monday, August 1, 2016

Artist's Daughters

I have four daughters. No, I was not trying for a son. 
Let me rephrase. I was gifted with four daughters
They are all very different and yet some are the same.  My oldest and youngest are the more alike and the two in the middle while seeming the same are so vastly different from each other and each sister. 
Sometimes I look at them and wonder "where did you come from? and Whose child are you really?" 
They seem nothing like me yet three of them know more about me, Tamara, the person  than I ever believed could be possible. 
They know how I see my world and they will join me there. They laugh at me and will make fun of me and I have seen them all be fiercely protective of me. 
This week we will take a look at Artist's Daughters.

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