Monday, July 25, 2016

Earring - Adornment

Exactly what inspired me I am not sure this week but I came across Girl With A Pearl Earring - Johannes Vermeer. 

I got curious about other paintings of people where the story was about the earring.  So I went looking for specifically the word Earring in the title of the work and surprised myself with the number I found in just a short time. 

Vermeer's painting has had several names over the years, Girl In A Turban, Young Girl In  A Turban, Portrait of A Young Girl and a few other. The earring in the painting has even been accused of being a fake. It also makes an appearance in at least 9 other Vermeer Paintings.  But that is all just whispers that increase the mystery and not why I am here today. 

Voltaire said "The ear is the avenue to the heart."  
Jennifer Lopez loves to adorn the avenue. 
This week enjoy .... Earring -  Adornment

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