Monday, July 18, 2016

Hookah Are Youuu?

Last night we, a few girlfriends and some artist friends went to an event. Henna

and Hookah.
We had wine,
mojitos, food, henna and hookah.
We ate, drank, painted with henna and shared some shisha.

A hookah is a single or multi stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking tobacco.
The smoke passes through water in a glass bowl
before inhalation.

In Egypt it is known as a Shisha which translates to glass. In other parts of the Middle East hookah is called argila, hoqqa, nargile, nafas and several other words.

Shahs in Persia and Sultans had staff members whose only duty was to attend to the hookah. The wealthier the person the more elaborate and decorated their hookah was.

This week enjoy Hookah Are Youuu

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