Monday, July 11, 2016


On our escape from Hades we traveled by signs proclaiming we were entering the Saguaro National Park. We had stopped and examined a few while driving through the Yuma Proving Grounds. 

It is a forest of Saguaros. 

According to a dictionary a forest is: a think cluster of vertical objects 

Well.. that about covered it. There were vertical objects all over with undergrowth, plants  and other  vegetation. A forest. 

Saguaros are found exclusively in the Sonora Desert. We did not see them in Nevada, New Mexico, or Texas.  The older they grow the more likely they are to grow arms. But some never do and though these arms tend to grow upward some grow sideways and wrap themselves around the main trunk. They have protective spines, 

bloom with white flowers in the spring and produce fruit
that is a glorious red and is edible by humans.

                                        Maricopa women gathering saguaro fruits, photo by Edward S. Curtis

Saguaros can live as long as 200 years. They are slow growing. A 15 year old Saguaro may only be 2 inches tall but they can grow as tall as 40 to 60 feet in height. During a good rainy season they can weigh from 3200 to 4800 pounds. 

This week enjoy Saguaro

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