Monday, September 19, 2016

Golf a Par and Tee

Inspiration this week comes from the fact that today I am working at a Golf Tournament. My Rotary Club (yes, I know my Great Uncles and Great Grandfathers were all very involved in Rotary) is hosting a Tournament today.

René Vincent

Golf is a club and ball sport. It is a progression game and can have 9 holes or 18 holes. Playing all the holes is called a round. Each hole in the course contains a tee box where you hit the ball from and a hole that the ball must end up in. 

Much debate has ensued about the origins of the game. Some say it came from an ancient Roman game and others claim it was created in 15th century Scotland. James II banned golf because more time was spent practicing that than archery. Scotland needed archers not golfers. Mary, Queen of Scots was known to go to France in order to play golf, a game she adored. 

This week enjoy Golf a Par and Tee.

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