Monday, September 26, 2016

Red Tails

Remember I mentioned I was working a Golf Tournament last week. I took my camera just in case I had some interesting or quirky shots I could take. Guess what?

We were chatting with some golfers explaining the rules of the Tiger Drive when we heard a slight commotion in the trees behind us. Alyse went to investigate. It's just a big bird she said. 

After the golfers wheeled off in their carts I went to have a look at the bird to see if it was something I could shoot a photo of.  In the fork of two large branches looking at me looking at him was a huge Red Tail Hawk. I had never been this close to one and I dated the bird handler at a Medieval Times.

I started snapping away and 11 shots later I left him alone. That is until I noticed tufts of black floating to the ground and he was working hard at something. Grabbing the camera I went back in to see what was happening. 

As I looked up a large black feather floated down and landed at my feet. I looked up and he looked down, cocked his head a bit and went back to preparing his meal. A large black Grackle. 

This week enjoy Red Tails.

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