Monday, February 22, 2016

A Knitting Tale

I want to knit for you a tale of the month of February. It involved a little ironing.
                                                         Woman Ironing -  Edgar Degas

I have recently moved and as many women before me have done I wrapped up precious items in tea towels and table scarves, table cloths and napkins. Some were recent purchases so I just washed dried and put them away. Others, my most precious, have been passed down from my mother, and her mother, my grandmother and her mother, and my grandfather’s mother. Some of these linens are over 130 years old. 

After using them I washed them, air dried them and spent the weekend ironing them.

It involved a little sewing.  
                                                    Young woman sewing - Georges Lemmen

The oldest of the linens had their edges and hems completely hand sewn. A table scarf my mother made is all hand sewn.

It involved a little dish washing.
                                               Giuseppe Maria Crespi - the kitchen maid

After moving all these items some of which were handled by family members I washed them all. Dishes, glasses, bowls and silver.

This week you can take a peek into the domestic art of knitting.
                                              Peasant Girl Knitting a Stocking - Filipp Malyavin

Enjoy A Knitting Tale

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