Monday, February 29, 2016

Hombres del Mar

I thought I had seen most of the works of John William Waterhouse. Much to my surprise I found one I had not ever seen.  I was inspired and then began a multiple hour search for …..


Yes, those allegedly mythical creatures who are counterpart to Mermaids.  They are all man from the waist up but from there down they are fish-like. One long fishy tail or… 

There is a sculpture Fontana del Moro, in Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy 

that shows a Merman with two long fishy tails.  The logo on the Starbucks

cup was inspired by sirens which have two tails.  

f                                                                                    rom 'Naturalis Historia' (1565)

Mermen are mentioned in Greek mythology, Babylonian mythology, and Irish mythology, in Amazon lore and in several other cultures.

They can conjure storms at sea, sink ships, lift curses, cure illness, are very wise and enjoy seducing humans.

This week look in wonder at Hombres del Mar.

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