Monday, June 13, 2016


Artists have painted portraits of their Mothers for years. I can find photos of Mother Portraits for days but, when it came to finding portraits of Fathers that was a wee bit more difficult
                                        Grant Wood -  Woman with Plants (the artist's mother)

Mothers had more time to sit, were home, and came to visit. Fathers were working, busy, uninterested, unknown, departed, or in jail. I have no idea. My father sat for a portrait for me.

I found photographs of Artists and fathers,
                                 Prince & his dad, the late John Nelson

 Artists who were Fathers
Picasso’s daughter, Paloma works on her latest creation while her father works on his, Villa La Californie, 1957

 and even some sitting with a portrait of their Father. 
                         Frida painting Portrait of her father 10 years after the death of Guillermo Kahlo

We call them Dad, Pop, Daddy, Father, Poppy, Papa, and in my case just to give him a “Heads Up” I called him Parental Unit when I needed to have a serious chat.

                                                   Me and my Father -My favorite photo of us.

June 19th is Father’s Day and in honor of all Fathers ….

Enjoy Daddi-O!

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