Monday, June 27, 2016

Persephone Drama

I am on an adventure with a friend. We have named it The Persephone Slip. 

She has become Persephone and she is leaving Alameda California or Hell as she likes to call it.

Persephone is Queen of the Underworld where she lives for a third of the year. The rest of the year she slips form Hades and lives in the light and warmth of the earth we know.
                                            El rapto de Proserpina by Peter Paul Rubens

Persephone is also known as Cora, the Maiden. She is Proserpina, Preswa, Periphona, and Perse along with many others depending on if you were Greek, or Roman, Arcadian or from Crete or worshiped the Oceanic deities.
                                Pluto and Persephone by Bernini

As we are slipping out of Hades please enjoy …

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