Monday, February 13, 2017

New London Flame

In 1762 Pelatiah Bliss, a very great Uncle dies and has his will probated while living in New London, Connecticut.  It is over 50 pages. He had one son, 1 step-daughter, and 9 daughters. 
Had he lived another 19 years he would have been there when British Brigadier General Benedict Arnold orders his troops to burn the village to the ground.  


New London was a supply depot for the rebellious men and women who made up and supported the Continental Army. It was a thriving seaport as well as a hub of commerce. General Arnold ordered the burning of not only the town but also the many Privateer (Pirates against Great Britain) ships in the harbor. 

15 Miles north of New London is Norwich Connecticut. In 1741 Benedict Arnold was born there as was my great uncle in 1697. 
                        The birthplace of Benedict Arnold in Norwich

This week enjoy a look at New London Flame.

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