Monday, February 27, 2017

Tornado Walk

Sunday night my phone weather alarm goes off. I assume it is a severe weather warning as there has been lightening and rain.  It is a weather alert but, it says Tornado Warning - seek shelter now.  Not a tornado watch but a warning. Three minutes later the wind is raging outside my window, and the sky has an eerie green (like the color of the slime from that show on Nickelodeon) cast to it. My child who lives within sight of my window has called and she is very afraid. She believes the tornado is on her porch, which I can see from my window. I step from where I have sheltered and look out. Later I will realize that might not have been the best course of action but the only thought in my head was MY CHILD is terrified. As if just looking will save her. I calmly told her that her plants, chair, and cooler were all still there as are her windows and the rest of her flat. 

                                            Tornado Bahamas - Winslow Homer 

I discovered days later that there had been at least 6 tornadoes. One of them touching down about a mile from us and stopping less than 360 yards on a direct path for us. It was at that moment that I became scared...silly me days later. When I went outside later that day to run errands I felt jittery and distrustful. Why... because the weather had attacked. Again, silly me. 

The tornado had walked right past after it ran a mile. 
This week enjoy Tornado Walk

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