Monday, February 20, 2017

The Merchants of Wine

In the early 1700's my Very Great (7th) Grandfather, Samuel Bliss went into business with a French Wine Merchant, Daniel Jaunott or Johnnot

                                                    Wine Merchant -Granger

Daniel had offices in Boston, tracts of land at harbors in Greenland and was part owner in several ships. He is stylized on legal documents as a Distiller

Grandfather Bliss and Daniel also were part owners in a sloop called "Love and Ann" and a Brigantine called "Success". 

There may have been some wine involved but the Success sailed only to Barbados. And, what product came out of Barbados in the 1700's? Rum! And, what type of ship did Pirates favor? Brigantines! 

Dear old granddad may have called himself in business with a Wine Merchant but I think he was a Rum Runner. 


This week enjoy The Merchants of Wine

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