Monday, June 5, 2017

Lost Love

Several years ago on a warm May afternoon I was to be married. I was so very happy I had found love. Only he hadn't and he did not tell me this until two weeks before.
                                       Frederick William Elwell - The wedding dress

At this same time my daddy became very ill. He had been ill for many weeks but it had become worse. He knew he was dying as did I. We had talked about it and made plans about it. He even wrote his obituary which my nephew was to insert into an email and send out to daddy's hundreds of contacts the day after he passed. He had an odd sense of humor few understood. He also realized that I had died at my breakup. I had wanted him to know I was taken care of so he could leave us without fear for me. That was not to happen and it killed me. 
                                            My daddy and me.

Dad being daddy asked me who was going on the honeymoon with me now. We laughed and he insisted I go. Alone. What dad?... So I could call it a Howl at the Moon instead? He thought that was brilliant and yes I should go and relax, heal, have fun, be brave. So I did. 

He passed 5 minutes after I told him good-bye over the phone and that I would see him again. It was a quiet flight home for me. 

In the space of three weeks I lost love
This week please enjoy Lost Love

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