Monday, June 12, 2017

William Woodward

I was doing some Ghost Hunting Saturday afternoon when I came across Lodia Elmer Dutton my 2nd Great Uncle, brother to my Great Great Grandmother.

While Lodia is an odd name for a man, which is not what this is about. However the word Lodia loosely translates over to Ship in Russian and that is where we are headed.  

On the 21st of February 1922 Lodia arrived at the Port of New Orleans on a ship called Atenas 

an American Steam Merchant ship built in Belfast in 1909. She was owned by the United Fruit SS Company in New York part of “The Great White Fleet”. Her normal route was New Orleans to Cristobal, Panama Canal.
In 1921 William Woodward was commissioned to paint a mural of one of the ships at the company headquarters in New Orleans. Woodward and his wife Louisa had been aboard the Atenas for a wonderful trip to Havana Cuba and he incorporated her into the mural for the building and into a painting as well.
                      Old Havana Harbor Scene by William Woodward 

This week enjoy the works of WilliamWoodward. 

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