Monday, June 19, 2017

Maids in Repose

I arrived at Mother’s for our Monday night dinner. She started talking to me about how her regular maid was on vacation and she had a new maid for the day.

Mother lives in a retirement community and she has a maid. She has had a maid pretty much always except for when I was a teenager and she thought the training in household chores would be a good idea so her maid became me. I did not like nor approve of this training plan.

As mother was going through her mail and reading her paper and the Bible Study for her weekly study class she became very sleepy and so curled up on the couch and fell sound asleep. She awoke about an hour later as her new maid was just finishing the last touches on the kitchen. She started to apologize for waking her. Mother was taken aback at why she would apologize she had not heard her at all.  Mother was actually embarrassed she had been asleep.  What an awkward moment.

                                   The Sleeping Princess  - Sir Edward Burne-Jones

It inspired me to search for paintings of sleeping maids to counterbalance Mother’s embarrassment.

This week enjoy Maids in Repose

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